Castaways Island of FEAR 2013

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

What is all the Screaming about ?
PENSACOLA Beach October 25 ,26, 31, Nov 1 & 2 

  • Tickets sales on site 7PM-10PM  open till everyone who has tickets has gone thru.
  • Tickets $15.00 RAIN OR Shine. Read the following carefully before you purchase your tickets. Absolutely NO REFUNDS 
  • Bring 3 Non Perishables before 9PM for $2.00 off Supporting Manna Food Bank SCREAMING 4 FOOD
  • Intense themed Haunted House with DARK close spaces, loud noises,strobe lights,black & special effect lighting, & scares intended to entertain your worst FEARS. Yes we planned it that way.
  • Not recommended for Young children ,weak or pregnant adults 
  • Glow in the DARK Matinee Sat 26 Halloween& Nov2  3PM-5PM  for children and adults afraid of the DARK This is a fingertip flashlight tour without startles & scares while the monsters are sleeping $5.00 & this is upgradeable for night time show You keep the flashlight !
  • Handicap Accessible please provide advance notice so we can accommodate you.
  • Our rooms are built and run by volunteers with a passion for what they do Come join us & meet our Cast in ANY BODY HOME? TOXIC SAILOR BOOTY CALL CARNEVIL CLOWNS,DEX TERROR JAILHOUSE PSYCHO & BLOOD SHED BROS 
  • Vote 4 your favorite in our PEOPLES CHOICE  Golden Ghost contest where each vote =$1.00 to that cast 

Sticky Man

Sunday, October 20, 2013

This man has a rare skin disorder that what ever he puts on his skin it sticks there  I had the pleasure of escorting him thru claustrophobia HaaaaaHaaaaaaa Good Time for sure

Opening Night Castaways Island of Fear

 Great opening night 
Awesome reviews over 60% Peoples Choice surveys returned 
Thanks to all who came WEAR 3 WOW 107 thanks for spreading the word 
SCREAMING 4 FOOD for Manna discount $2.00 off  ticket is building the local food bank.
Did I mention beautiful Pensacola Beach!


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

$2000 in PRIZES

What will you do if NO ONE can hear you SCREAM????
 Castaway on Pensacola Beach .....Island of FEAR
Scream anyway................
This Halloween season October 19 25 26 31 November 1,2
Gates open 7 PM $15.00 bring 3 non Perishables before 9 Pm for Manna Food bank for $2.00 discount Not valid Halloween before 9PM only

CASTAWAYS Island of FEAR Haunted House

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


2013 Fear City Nights - It's time

This year's haunted house will be in a brand new location. Come and check us out at Castaway's on Pensacola Beach! It promises to be the best haunted house in the Pensacola area.

 If you are interested in helping with the build and the haunt contact us today, and come out for any of the work days. Just check out the calendar below.

Tickets will be on sale at the event itself, or here on the website through Ticket Leap.

Get ready to experience Fear City Nights as they present Castaway's Island of Fear, where the night is the LEAST of your fears!!!!

2013 Calendar of Events